Why Happy Jute?

Superior Sourcing:

Happy Jute traces its origins to almost a century old textile mill specializing in the production of natural fibres. This means that we have several years of accumulated experience in sourcing high quality natural fiber from the farmer and our ability to source the best batches of production from reputed processors manifests itself in the quality of our products. HappyJute also adheres to ethical sourcing practices to ensure that the cultivators and the processing intermediaries are treated fairly.

Manufacturing expertise:

Happy Bags has several years of experience in processing and producing canvas and jute.This along with our long association with both traditional and commercial fabric manufacturing gives us a unique ability to use natural fabrics for both traditional and non-traditional products. We can meet any design or functional specification either through our in house production systems or through our specialized contracting network making us a single source destination for all variety of high quality canvas and jute products.

International Standards:

Having worked closely with some of the most demanding companies in the world for several years, HappyJute has rich experience in dealing with the special demands and specifications of the international market. Our international experience ensures that all our clients new or seasoned have a smooth and glitch free experience with our products and delivery commitments.

Design Talent:

Our in house design team draws inspiration from both traditional and contemporary sources. Additionally, over the years we have developed a thorough understanding of the design sensibilities of the international market for canvas and jute products. A rich bank of in house designs spans quirky contemporary offerings to traditional ethnic motifs. We can also custom design products from scratch to meet the functional and cosmetic requirements of our customers.

Quality Control:

We have rigorous processes in place in order to ensure that products we dispatch are in line with the specifications of the highest quality. Our experience in handling large, complex and demanding orders has ensured that our clients never find themselves with products that exceed their expectations.